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Phalloplasty surgery

Phalloplasty surgery Florence

Florence phalloplasty surgery is a surgical procedure designed to build, reconstruct, lengthen the penis, or increase its diameter. is in demand by men who are mainly in the 35-40 age group, but also by older men. Usually the request is made when the size of the penis is extremely small, or when the member is not excessively undersized, but its proportions equally create psychosexual discomfort in the subject. La
penile surgery
aimed at increasing the length of the member, is specifically named lengthening phalloplasty. The one used instead to increase the diameter of the penis is called lipopenosculpture. Both operations are relatively simple, give excellent results, visible both with a floppy and erect penis, and present no particular risks, or complications.

Micropenia: characteristics, epidemiology, and causes

Micropenia is when the size of the penis is significantly below what is considered to be the current standard. This is a condition that can occur due to testosterone deficiency ne the early years of life and into adolescence. However, it is a condition that can occur due to other idiopathic factors and environmental factors.Being a carrier of micropenia in adulthood can have health consequences. Indeed, it is possible for sufferers to detect:
  • difficulty urinating
  • impaired fertility
  • depressed state
  • difficulty in carrying out normal sexual activity
In most cases micropenis is due to insufficient testosterone production and more rarely is due to unknown causes or environmental interference.According to recent studies, this condition would impact one child, in every 200. When micropenia is detected and analyzed at a young stage, hormonal treatments may prove important. For adults, on the other hand,phalloplasty Florence and lipopenosculpturesurgery can be used.

The size of the penis

It is considered a micropenis, the member that has the following dimensions:
  • Adult man and erect penis – length less than 7 cm
  • Young man with erect penis – length less than 2.5 cm
dimensions that need to be related to current standards, which are:
  • Adult man with erect penis – average length of 12.5-13 cm
  • Young man with erect penis – average length of 3.7-5 cm
In the days leading up to the operation, smoking is prohibited and any medications are temporarily discontinued. You must then show up for the operation, fasting for at least 8 hours (this is a procedure that applies to any surgery anyway).

Florence phalloplasty surgery: how the operation is performed

Initially, the patient undergoes a series of clinical examinations by the urologist/andrologist. Then the operation is scheduled to be performed under general, or locoregional, anesthesia. Surgery takes only one hour, excluding any complications.

The surgeon makes a very small incision at the base of the penis. The cut is thin and not too long or deep, such that the scar is camouflaged simply by the regrowth of pubic hair. The cut goes into the suspensory ligament, which is what keeps the penis attached to the pubis. Freed from its anchorage to the pubis, the penis naturally slides outward.The suspensory ligament varies in length from subject to subject. This makes it virtually impossible a priori to determine when the penis will be lengthened after the operation is completed. However, it is generally possible to indicate an additional length range of 2 to 4 cm. Elongation is visible both in resting condition and in erection, albeit to a lesser degree.However,phalloplasty Florence surgery is not indicated for resolving any erectile dysfunction, because it does not affect, rather than improve, organ function.

After the operation

Lengthening phalloplasty, as we have seen, is not a particularly long, difficult, or invasive operation. After surgery, the patient does not tend to experience particular pain. Only mild localized discomfort is felt in the affected area, but this tends to disappear on its own within 12 to 24 hours.

Within 48 hours of surgery, it is already possible (in the vast majority of cases) to resume normal daily activities. Returning to work, on the other hand, requires waiting at least two weeks. It is then necessary to refrain from having sexual intercourse for at least 30 days following the operation.

Many doctors also recommend penile stretching exercises, using a tool called a penile extender, to prevent scar retraction and increase achievable results.


During the lengthening phalloplasty operation, lipopenosculpture can also be performed concurrently. This practice is used to increase the diameter of the penis by infiltrating fatty tissue into the space between the skin of the organ and the corpora cavernosa.

The adipose tissue needed for the surgery is taken from the suprapubic region, or from the abdomen, hips, or thighs. Withdrawal is done through very thin cannulas that are slid inside the body through microincisions. Usually the area of fat tissue harvesting that doctors prefer to use is the suprapubic region.

This is because doing so reduces the suprapubic panniculus adiposus. Men tend to accumulate fat easily in this area. Fat that goes to encompass the attachment point of the penis to the pubis, making it visually shorter. Reducing its size therefore achieves a double result: fatty tissue for surgery and a longer visual sensation.

After harvesting, the adipose tissue is subjected to “wash-filtration.” It lasts about 30-40 minutes and involves separating the fat cells, from their natural oily part. Finally, when the fat tissue is ready to be used, the surgeon proceeds to evenly distribute the fat. An incision is then made between the Dartos and Buck’s fascia, and fat is inserted evenly between the penile skin and the corpora cavernosa.

Risks and complications

Lengtheningphalloplasty and lipopenosculpture are relatively simple and quick operations. Therefore, they do not present any particular risks, especially when performed by experienced hands and a trained and trained anesthesiologist. Hematoma, swelling, irritation, and infection that might then arise following phalloplasty surgery Florence are really very rare.

Today, thanks to technological progress and continuous research in this field as well, the achievable results are really good and durable. Increase in length and diameter are visible to the naked eye both in a floppy penis state and during erection.


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