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Peniena Surgery


Penile surgery Milan, or phalloplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at building, reconstructing, lengthening, or enlarging the penis. In particular, phalloplasty is required in cases where there is a desire, or need, to lengthen the penis or increase its diameter. Penis size varies greatly from country to country, but in general, a range between 9 cm at rest and about 13 in erection can be considered normal. For sexual activity to be “impaired” by the size of the external male reproductive organ, it is necessary to fall far below these thresholds. In fact, micropenia means an organ that measures 5.2 cm or less at rest and 8 cm when erect.

Some men may actually be in this real condition, but for others it is a matter of psychological discomfort, which should not be underestimated. Indeed, penis size has the ability to affect the psychosexual sphere of patients. The use of phalloplasty in this situation, and in many other cases, can really be a lasting and effective solution. Penile surgery performed to increase penile length is called, specifically, lengthening phalloplasty. What is performed to increase penile diameter instead is called lipopenosculpture.

When to resort to penile surgery Milan

Men who require this type of surgery are mainly those in the 35-40 age group (about 40 percent of patients) followed by the 25-35 age group (30 percent) and the 45-55 age group (55 percent). Interestingly, the 55-70 age group, on the other hand, accounts for only 5 percent of patients operated on.Studies and research have thus shown that more and more men under 45 are performing phalloplasty surgery. Usually these are men who are in stable relationships, are married or cohabiting (about 67 percent), healthy, with normal work and education, and in stable romantic relationships. In contrast, only 33% of single men resort to phalloplasty.The purpose of penile surgery to lengthen or enlarge the diameter of the member is to be able to achieve an aesthetically well-formed penis, with proper proportions, in length and width, functional for the passage of urine, having tactile sensitivity and a normal capacity for erection.

Penile lengthening: what it consists of

Before the actual operation the andrologist , o urologist , examines the patient by subjecting him or her to a series of preoperative hematochemical and instrumental tests.The operation is usually performed under general, or locoregional, anesthesia and involves making a partial incision of the penile suspensory ligament. The cut is very small and the resulting scar is very well hidden by the pubic hair as well.Once the incision is made, the penile shaft is freed from the suspensory ligament. At that point a plastic V->Y of the skin is performed at the base of the rod itself, which, once free, slides forward, gaining length. It is not possible to predict in advance and with accuracy how many centimeters the length of the penis will increase. This is because the length of the suspensory ligament is individual and therefore variable.However, the increase is between 2 and 4 cm and is visible both at rest and, to a slightly lesser extent, during erection. The operation does not affect organ function at all, so it is not a useful operation for correcting any erectile dysfunction .This kind of surgery is usually performed in day hospital mode and takes about an hour. However, execution times vary from home to home.Postoperative courseThe postoperative course of a lengthening phalloplasty is not painful. Usually at the end of the anesthetic effect a slight discomfort can be felt, but this tends to disappear within 12 to 24 hours. After 48 hours, it is almost always possible to return to normal daily activities. It is recommended to return to work no sooner than two weeks, and it is necessary to refrain from having sexual intercourse for about one month after the operation.In addition, it is recommended to practice a series of penis stretching exercises, with a special tool(penis extender), to prevent scar retraction and increase the results obtained.

Penile surgery Milan: lipopenosculpture

Lipopenosculpture is a fairly simple surgical practice that consists of three distinct steps:
  • collection
  • purification
  • facility
is a simple, minimally invasive operation that can be performed concurrently with the lengthening phalloplasty .During the harvesting phase, fat tissue is retrieved from the suprapubic region, or from the abdomen, hips, or thighs, using thin cannulas, inserted through tiny incisions. This phase is to obtain the fat needed for the operation and to decrease suprapubic panniculus adiposus. This is a fairly common area of fat accumulation for men. Taking fat tissue from this very area will make the insertion point of the penis deeper, highlighting it more on the outside and thus making it look even longer.
Purification is the technique by which adipose tissue is made usable for subsequent implantation. Basically, the collected fat undergoes a kind of washing and filtration procedure to separate the fat cells, from the oily part. The purification takes about 30-40 minutes, and at the end there is no trace of any scar.During the third and final stage, the resulting fat is inserted into the space between the penile skin and the corpora cavernosa. The operation is made possible by many small millimeter incisions made at the base of the penis. The subcutaneous implant is inserted between the Dartos’ fascia and Buck ‘s fascia. Incisions are made at the base of the penis, and fat is evenly distributed.This technique is one of the most used, practical, fast, and effective techniques used in penile surgery Milan today, although it is not the only one.


That of phalloplasty (lengthening or lipopenosculpture) is an ever-evolving field. This is a medical field that has been studied for many years (for phalloplasty we even talk about almost a century). Through research, the operating techniques, materials, and instrumentation used during operations have been greatly improved and refined.

Today, the results that can be achieved are long-lasting, visible both at rest and in an erect state, and most importantly, do not present any particular complications and/or consequences.


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