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Curved Penis Intervention

Curved penis surgery Florence

Curved penis is a condition that affects about 1% of the Italian male population. The incidence is increasing so much so thatcurved penis surgery Florence, or Milan has become a popular and common practice. This anatomical condition occurs as a result of asymmetrical growth of the corpora cavernosa contained in the penis. In mild form it is present from birth, and in this case the condition is then said to be congenital. If, on the other hand, it occurs as a result of traumatic events, or from other causes, it is called acquired. In any case, it is a somewhat common disease that afflicts a large part of the male population, including in Italy.This unique morphological condition affects mostly in the 40-60 age group. Diabetics and hypertensives are more exposed to it, and the famous Peyronie’s disease , inevitably leads to degeneration into the pathology of the curved penis . Whatever the nature and triggers, it is a rather aesthetically embarrassing disease. The problem, however, is not just aesthetic, rather functional.In fact, when the angle of curvature of the penis is too marked, the patient may experience serious difficulties during the sexual act. The curvature can cause pain to the partner during the act of penetration, so much so that it is very painful, if not impossible to consummate intercourse.

Curved penis: what is it and what are the symptoms

Curved penis occurs as a result of the creation of a fribotic plaque within the corpora cavernosa of the organ. The plaque presses and compresses the corpora cavernosa through which blood flows that leads to erection of the member, swelling its cavities. The pressure prevents blood from swelling the corpora cavernosa, consequently preventing erection. In some cases an erection occurs, but it is very painful and difficult to maintain.

The disease can occur progressively, or suddenly. Much depends on the nature of the trigger and the patient’s family predisposition. In each case, the scar reaction results in a retraction and deformation effect of varying degrees, which changes from subject to subject. When the bending gets to more than 30°, the situation becomes critical and a multiplicity of consequences are encountered.

Beyond aesthetic awkwardness, what needs to be seriously considered is the ability to complete normal sexual intercourse. With such a marked curvature, in fact, the relationship becomes difficult, painful and sometimes impossible. Curvature is subjective and follows its own direction (right or left – lateral; upward-facing – dorsal; downward-facing – ventral)

Curved penis surgery Florence

Regardless of the nature of the underlying cause, curved penis can be treated pharmacologically, or surgically. The first step is to undergo a specialist examination by an andrologist , or a urologist . Although the diagnosis of curved penis is quite simple even by the patient through a careful physical examination, it is still up to the physician to determine the treatment to be followed.The protuberance that forms at the fibrotic plaque is also quite noticeable to the touch. However, the doctor may request an ultrasound to pinpoint the location of the mass more precisely.Usually when faced with mild to moderate curvatures, pharmacological treatment is opted for. In case of pronounced curvatures, however, the preferred option is surgery. In any case, the andrologist to make a choice evaluates:
  • the angle of curvature of the penis
  • Whether the curvature has stabilized, or not (so whether it continues to curve, or not)
  • The degree of pain felt by the patient during the sexual act
  • The type of painful or non-painful erection the subject may experience
  • The ability to have and/or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.

Malleable penile prosthesis

They are also called semi-rigid prosthesis, or non-hydraulic prosthesis . This implant consists of two cylinders with semi-rigid silicone cores surrounded by soft silicone. With this type of implant, the penis always remains in a semi-erect position, which is, however, easily disguised.Silicone cylinders remain in the straight or bent position depending on how you position your penis. When they are bent downward in the resting position, the penis remains facing downward. The penis, on the other hand, acquires a complementary erection stiff enough, after appropriate erotic stimulation, to ensure satisfactory intercourse.

Hydraulic penile prosthesis

They are more refined prostheses than the semi-rigid ones. The full name should be: three-component hydraulic penile prosthesis, because it consists of three different elements:
  • Reservoir pre-filled with saline solution
  • two inflatable cylinders
  • micro pump and button for activation/deactivation

How do penile prostheses work Florence

Inflatable penis implants are filled on demand with a special liquid, contained in the special reservoir. The cylinders, which are placed inside the corpora cavernosa of the penis, inflate with fluid when the pump is depressed and draws the fluid from the reservoir, thus making the penis stand up.The device deflates when the pump is squeezed several times, allowing the liquid to flow back into the holding tank. These prostheses, being “floppy” make the penis maintain its natural resting appearance. Once sexual intercourse is over, to return the prostheses, and consequently the penis, to its resting condition, the mechanism is activated in reverse by touching a button inserted into the scortal pump.Very natural and satisfactory results are achieved with this type of implant.

Penile surgery

When the choice falls to surgery, there are several options:

Nesbit Intervention

It is a surgical treatment that involves a circular incision of the penis, below the foreskin, leading to the uncovering of the corpora cavernosa where the fibrous-cicatricial cluster is present. It is an invasive practice that results, in some cases, in a decrease in penis length.

Triple incision-excision-transplantation surgery

Complex surgery used only in cases of extreme curvature. It consists of making an incision at the level of the fibrotic cluster, plaque removal, and “patch” transplantation. This patch consists of a kind of “patch” that serves to give the penis elasticity again at the exact spot where the plaque is removed. The skin of the penis is not subject to any intervention. It is an effective technique, but for which there are potential complications and consequences.

Penile prosthesis implantation

It is, arguably, the most requested and performedFlorence curved penis surgery. There are two different types of implants:
  • semirigid non-inflatable
  • inflatables
Semi-rigid, non-inflatable penile prostheses are a very common and practical solution that allow the penis to be kept in a semi-rigid position at all times, but still easily masked. With this implant, the penis is straightened and aided while performing an erection.Instead, inflatable penile prostheses are small elements implanted directly into the corpora cavernosa of the penis, which inflate when needed with a specific liquid. A small, manually controllable pump is placed in the scrotum.A reservoir containing fluid is also implanted near the pump when the penis is in the resting phase. Upon erection, by manually urging the pump, fluid flows from the reservoir to the prosthesis, which goes to inflate the corpora cavernosa of the penis and help lift it into an erect position.Whether it is one, rather than the other prosthesis, the surgery is usually done under general, or spinal, anesthesia. A catheter is inserted into the patient, which is usually removed the day after the operation. Once the patient is anesthetized, the surgeon makes a small incision just above the penis, or between the penis and the scrotum, deep enough to reach up to show the corpora cavernosa of the organ. He will then proceed to insert prostheses of the correct length. After the prostheses are placed reservoir, behind the abdominal wall and pump, directly into the scrotum between the testicles, so as to hide it.Eventually, when each element has been installed, they are connected together and the surgeon can proceed to saturation. After the wounds are cleaned, a compression bandage is applied.

Choosing an andrologist

It varies from case to case, depending on precise factors, such as, for example:
  • The location of the fibrotic cluster
  • The symptoms manifested by the patient
  • The psychological state of the subject
  • Any previous unsuccessful therapies and interventions
  • General health status of the patient
When it is curved penis surgery Florence, thus an otherwise invasive operation, hospitalization is required. Following the operation, the hospital stay will be more or less prolonged depending on how quickly the patient recovers and what the andrologist determines. Normal sexual activity can usually be resumed within 4-8 weeks (but, as always, it varies from case to case).

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