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Additive phalloplasty


Additive phalloplasty Milan

Additive phalloplasty Milan is a special operation to increase the length of the penis. Today, it is a simple and minimally invasive surgery that is usually performed in the day hospital, under general, or locoregional anesthesia. The results achievable with penile plastic surgery are very satisfactory and visibly noticeable, both when the penis is in a resting condition and when it is erect. There are many men who decide to use it, given the lasting and appreciable results that can be achieved.

The surgery serves to increase the size in length of the member, while it has no effect functionally. Normal organ function (urination and erection) is preserved. At the end of the procedure, the penis is presented with a completely natural appearance, aesthetically well-formed, with proper proportions, sensitive to touch, and able to have and sustain an erection.

Men who use this type of intervention are mostly under 45. The most affected group is between the ages of 35 and 45. The reason they require this intervention may be because of a poor influence on the psychosexual sphere due to blocks related to phallic size, or because they are afflicted with micropenia.

Micropenia: undersize and standards of normality

Micropenia of a penis is when its size in length is significantly less than what is now considered the standard of normality. Usually suffering from micropenia, it instead presents all other elements attached to the member, of the correct size (scrotum, perineum, urethra, etc…).

Standards of normality include an erect penis length of about 12, 5 cm or so. A micropenis is approximately 2.5 standard deviations smaller. So it is considered a micropenis when this is less than 7 cm in erection.

Statistical research has shown that micropenia affects one in 200 infants.


Micropenia: causes

Micropenia is caused, in most cases, by the productive deficiency of testosterone (the main male sex hormone), during childhood and into adolescence. In other cases, however, it is caused by idiopathy, or even environmental interference. In the case of idiopathic causes, it means that it is possible to be faced with a condition that arose for no specific reason.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, produced in humans by the Leydig cells, of the testes. Testosterone is affected by the influence of luteinizing hormone (LH). Testosterone has several very important functions:

Micropenia related to blood testosterone deficiency is closely linked to certain conditions:

Consequences and complications of micropenia

can give rise to a number of functional complications. First of all, it makes urination difficult. It can also pose a problem in sexual relationships and can negatively affect the patient’s psychology, who may feel challenged in himself, sometimes even reaching depression.

Finally, it is quite common for micropenia to be accompanied by infertility. This is because of poor sperm production.

Micropenia can be diagnosed with a simple objective examination. This consists of measuring the penis. Already in the early years of life, this predisposition can be seen, as the size of the phallus is already evidently below normal standards. Diagnosed, the doctor requires you to undergo some specific tests to see if the problem is associated with a hormonal disorder, or associated diseases. Knowing these possible pathologies is important in order to establish a proper course of treatment and possible penile surgery.

Additive phalloplasty Milan: what it consists of

Given the problem, the adoptable solution is called additive phalloplasty. This is a simple operation conducted by a urologist/andrologist surgeon and allows the size of the member to be increased without affecting its functionality.

It is performed under general, or locoregional, anesthesia and lasts about one hour. The surgeon begins by making a thin incision at the base of the penis, just where the organ joins the pubis. The cut is so small that the scar later will not be easily noticeable. The incision goes to sever the suspensory ligament.

This ligament, varying in size and individual, serves to connect the penis to the pubis. As soon as the organ is severed, it protrudes forward, increasing the length of the penis externally. Since the ligament has different sizes from subject to subject, it is virtually impossible to determine a priori, by how much it will be possible to lengthen the penis. Generally, however, an increase of 2 to 4 cm has been found. Elongation that can be seen both at rest and during erection (although to a lesser degree).

Additive phalloplasty Milan: what happens after the operation

Additive phalloplasty surgery Milan is performed in day hospital and under anesthesia. The operation usually takes one hour, barring complications. The risks are almost nonexistent. It is not particularly invasive, or painful. Even after surgery, the patient experiences only mild discomfort, localized to the affected area. It is a mild pain that naturally loses intensity and tends to disappear within 12 to 24 hours.

After about 48 hours, normal daily activities can already be resumed. To return to work, however, it is advisable to wait at least two weeks. Finally, for at least 30 days, sexual intercourse is prohibited. It is also recommended to do exercises using a special tool called a penis extender. Exercise helps to avoid scar retraction and maximize achievable results.


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